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1. Store It In a Cloth Bag. How to properly store silicone sexy toys starts simply by choosing what material you should store them in. If you want to save money and don’t want to splurge on storage, you can easily wrap your dildo in a clean cloth or towel, or place it in an inexpensive cloth bag.

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We need suggestions on how to safely and cleanly store silicone sex toys. With standard plastic sex toys we have always stored them in a bedside drawer just tossed in (after being washed of course) or sometimes a duffel bag. But after finding out about the germs and cancer risk caused by normal plastic toys (porous) we have upgraded to safe ...

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Storing sex toys isn’t quite as simple as throwing them under your bed or hiding them in your sock drawer. You can damage your sex toys if you don’t store them safely and carefully. Learn all you need to know about storing sex toys so you can enjoy yours for many nights to come.

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Sex toy storage 101. The most important thing to know about how to store sex toys is this: A sex toy must be clean and dry before it is put away. Storing a toy that is dirty, or even still wet ...

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2. level 1. thebiggayreview. · 5y. Silicone can be kept together without any issues, as Lilly said. I store all my silicone dildos (and other toys) in decorative trunks like this. 3. level 2.

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It’s important to thoroughly dry sex toys before using them again or storing them. And speaking of storage, just letting them roll around in a drawer with the dust bunnies probably isn’t a best practice—they (and thus, your vagina, penis, or anus!) need to be protected from dirt, dust, lint, and more.

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Yes, you can store silicone in plastic bags. But also, 99% of the horror stories you hear about "silicone" toys melting from contact with each other aren't actually silicone. Solid silicone is inert. Silicone products can be all up in each other's business without problems. I've had my toys jumbled together for years.

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When storing sex toys, there's really no wrong answer — as long as you're storing them safely."Make sure toys are thoroughly clean, disinfected, dried, and conditioned (if it’s leather) before ...

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