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Silicone Dildo Firmness: Single- and Dual-Density Dildo ...

Dildo hardness can be measured on a scale called shore durometer. Smooth-On, the leading US silicone manufacturer, has a helpful graphic on this page that compares three different shore durometer scales, two of which (00 and A) are used to grade sex toys:

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A very soft dildo which measures 1.75” wide will differ in feel from a very firm dildo which measures 1.75” wide due the amount of give the soft item will have. What is Durometer Shore Hardness? Shore Hardness is a measure of the firmness of a given material such as rubber, elastomer, silicone or plastic.

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This means that, for example, a Vulkano XL and a Vulkano XS, using same Hardness of the Core and same Hardness of the Surface, give different shore result. This is because the volume of the silicone used to manufacture the toys, influences a lot how the toy react when forces are applied. After the shore testing and created the Scale, I asked ...

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In our shop, we offer three different hardness (soft-0A, medium-5A and firm-10A). Before having it in the hand, the best way to understand how much hard is something is by comparing with known objects.


Many of our most popular models have an outer layer Shore hardness of 00-40 with an inner core Shore hardness of 00-75. We also have several softer, squishier models where the outer layer is 00-30 and a few slightly more firm models where the outer layer is 00-50.

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Firmness (a.k.a. shore durometer) can be difficult to describe, so I'll steal some of DamnAverage's descriptions: 00-20 is likely the softest silicone you'll find. It's good for masturbators and packers. Penetration is possible with thick 00-20 toys, but it's unwieldy. 00-30 is comparable to fresh gummy candy, although bouncier.

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Many toy companies (especially ones on Etsy) are good about giving you a specific shore number. It’s common to see numbers like 30A for soft, and 50A for medium, but this isn’t always the case. Check for a shore number when you can, and if in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the company.

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The Shore D Scale measures very hard rubbers, semi-rigid and rigid plastics (PVC pipe, for example). As you can see from the graphic, there is overlap on the different scales. For example a material with a Shore hardness of 95A is also a Shore 50D. TPEs can range from 10 Shore 00 up to 72 Shore D, spanning all three hardness scales, however ...

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Other strap-on harnesses also come in a package with a vibrating cock ring. “Adding a vibrating cock ring to the dildo is a great way to add vibration without trying a vibrating dildo,” Sloane ...

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00-20 is perfect if you want to make masturbators, packers, very long depth toys, and particularly floppy dildos. It’s also a pretty good choice for the external layer of dual density toys. 00-30 is the hardest Ecoflex and should be good enough for a DIY dildo. But it is still soft enough that the toy won’t stand on its own and flop about.