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how do pornstars get such big dildos in their asses

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What do porn stars do to get large dildos up their anus? - Quora

Answer: Practice and training your anus to stretch and be elastic like so you will still close back up ,I have been stretching my anus for years working my way up in size plus having a lot of anal sex helps too,I have been under quiet a few tops that made me grateful that I had been doing anal st...

How do adult performers handle huge dildos?

Joanna, a notorious anal aficionado, also suggests you try a different hole: “If I was ever asked to get a giant toy all the way in me, I’d definitely use my ass.

When porn stars put huge or more importantly very long dildos ...

If it's particularly malleable, like some kind of floppy gel, it can get around this curve, but most people wouldn't every get this far anyway. If you're not careful with your anal activities however, you could take something too big too fast, and end up with some tearing. It'll bleed, but it usually isn't a big deal unless you REALLY overdid it.

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How do some pornstars can take 15 inch dildo in ass? : sex

Tasted my own sperm, can't sleep -.-. Throwaway account because shy :/. Two nights ago I [M19] had sex with a [F23], no penetration we cuddled, rubbed each other. I went down on her and after she was pleased she went down on me. After I came, in the heat of the moment I grabbed her and french kissed her.

If Size Doesn't Matter, Why Are Dildos So Big? – Lovegasm

After all, dildos are modeled after the penis, so you can't really discuss dildos without bringing up their original inspiration practically in the same breath. However, that is exactly what takes us to our next answer to the question "why are dildos so big" - because men are so much more than the size of their penis while dildos, frankly, are not.

Do pornstars really do suck a penis which just came out from ...

Answer (1 of 2): Yes they do, but its more complicated. Porn stars dont have anal sex as we do. They dont eat almost a day earlier, and empty their bowels. They also use tools like a turkey baster, and pump water or other chemicals in their butt, until its as clean as it can be.

Here’s How Porn Stars Manage to Have Massive Money Shots - Maxim

In case you were wondering just how porn stars manage to have such giant cum shots, you should know that it’s all fake. Seriously. According to Vice, most, if not all, of those never-ending gobs ...

3 Secrets On How Male Porn Stars Enlarge Their Penis

Here are 3 secrets on how male porn stars enlarge their penis: Behind the Scenes. I was privy to some behind the scene footage of male adult film performers in the moments leading up to being in front of the camera. And what I saw was both unusual, and sort of shocking as far as how easy it was to get a bigger penis fast.

6 Porn Stars Talk about the Crazy Sex Accidents That Have ...

A Rock Star, a Dildo, a Bunch of Porn Stars, and Howard Stern: A Holiday Tale Inside the Mind of a Porn Star Porn Stars Explain Why You Shouldn't Expect to Have Sex Like a Porn Star