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How to Use a Glass Dildo | What Does a Glass Dildo Feel Like?

That part is self-explanatory. Still, many people have some misperceptions about glass sex toys. For example, we’re often asked if they are breakable, or if they will cause injury. The answer is no. As long as you purchase a quality glass dildo from a reputable maker, you’ll be fine.

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When you think about dildos, you might automatically picture something made of silicone, but the best glass dildos offer another common, body-safe, and very cool material for your sex toy.

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Often viewed as the underdog of dildos, glass wands offer an array of new sensations and experiences. Besides being visually stunning (who says can't be art?), glass dildos also allow for effortless penetration and provide an ideal way to indulge in sensory and temperature play.

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A good quality glass dildo or anal plug is smooth and made of safe materials such as Borosilicate glass to make them more resistant to thermal shock and are far stronger than your standard glass. Furthermore, you should also get toys that go through an annealing and inspection process so the glass is strong, durable, and far less likely to break.

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For most people, glass dildos offer unique sleekness and a feeling of exclusivity that’s rare with other sex toys. The best glass dildo adds dimension to your temperature play experience. And unlike your regular silicone dildo, it adds visual appeal with a piece of sexy modern art.

The Best Glass Dildos and How To Use Them Safely

As long as you don’t make a habit of dropping your delicate glass dildo on a hard surface, glass sex toys are safe to use.

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In fact, glass dildos offer several benefits that make them appealing to those who crave pleasure and security. Glass Dildos: Are generally made from Pyrex glass--like the cookware--which makes them stand up to extreme temperatures and makes them shatter proof

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Even More Reasons glass dildos are Benefial to Use. Many toys have that cold, impersonal feel to them, however, glass dildos warm up to body temperature quickly. If you want to heat it up prior to use, just run it under warm tap water. The reverse is also true if you want your toy cooled by running it under cold tap water for a few minutes.