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Jane Chardiet – JANE PAIN

Polaroid shot by Jane “Pain” Chardiet professionally transfer printed in full color on white Gildan brand tee shirt. Heavy 100% cotton with tear away tag. *please note, I will be going out of town this week and all orders after 3/14 will be shipped the last week of March.

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Varg Vikernes Released. 2009-03-10 by iarescientists | 134 Comments: After serving 16 years of his 21 year jail sentence for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Oystein Aarseth (a.k.a. Euronymous) and setting fire to three churches, Varg Vikernes will be released from the Norwegian prison that currently holds him, only a few months after having his fourth application for parole denied.

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Even Euronymous, in his correspondence with a British black metal fan going by the name of Paul Watson, admits it. “All Norwegian black metal bands are National Socialist […] Satanists are like slaves to their religion, they are like Christians. […] Satanism comes from religious Christianity, and there it shall stay” writes Euronymous.

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The year is 1994. Norwegian people are shocked and live in dread because of maybe, like, twenty young adults, even teens. These few young guys are known as the Inner Circle of Black Metal, created by the now famous Euronymous, Mayhem's guitarist, based on satanic, anti-christian and often misanthropic philosophy.

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It’s often said that Reddit has shitty taste in music. Granted it’s usually 4chan’s /mu/ community saying that, but let’s be serious here. Whether it’s the constant love of Queen and Foo Fighters that makes me roll my eyes or the circlejerking over how superior they are because of their love of Tool, /r/music is a bottomfeeder in ...

Urban Dictionary: Mayhem

The act of being banned by a Semi-Admin for breaking rules on a game server. When a Semi- Admin login's in secretly and BANS a repeat rules breaker with no warning.

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A pretty shitty excuse for a book, if you ask me. On the other hand, you have what many have dubbed the “Black Metal Bible” – The True Black Metal, which is quite a good book. The only problem is that being nearly a decade old, it misses out on the latest trends and development in the black metal scene.

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This fic has actually been in the works for a pretty long time.I started it on Wattpad in 2019 when my Hamilton obsession first started, left it for a while, and now I’m back because it was SO shitty and I felt the NEED to re-write and add to it.

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With such thoughts in his mind, he rented a space in Oslo for a record shop. Even if he would have to sell less extreme music to pay the bills, the orientation of the business would be around Black Metal—thus it was christened “Helvete,” the Norse word for Hell.

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De mysteriis dom Sathanas - Mayhem (1994) Norway Honestly I'm happy to live in a world without Euronymous AKA the great northern douchebag king. I didn't wanted to include any Mayhem record here because I hate them to the core, but fact is those dildos inspired generations of other BM dildos and that some of the riffs here set the standards for most the BM riffs during nearly 10 years.