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The medical uses of dildos and vibrators.

While sex toys are often used recreationally, they can also improve sexual function for people with certain medical conditions. Diabetes and multiple sclerosis, for instance, affect nerve ...

Dildos: What They Are and How to Use Them - WebMD

Dildos are popular with people of all genders and sexualities. Sometimes they can have a medical purpose. Some sexual medicine experts recommend them as part of therapy for vaginismus, or pelvic ...

Using a vibrator can benefit your health from without you ...

It can keep your vagina healthy Regularly using a vibrator can help maintain the walls of the vagina . This is because, when aroused, the lining of the vagina produces secretions, which helps to provide moisture to this area.

Your Guide to Using Dildos During Sex | Women's Health

Some dildos, such as the Njoy wand, are especially designed for G-spot pleasure. Their curves and bulges make it easier to target this powerful moan zone, compared to using a finger or tongue.

Is It Safe To Put A Dildo In Your Butt? - Women's Health

The bottom line: No, you don't need to stress about using a dildo in your backside. Just be sure to take precautions—like using a toy designed for anal play and sterilizing it.

When Your Doctor Prescribes A Vibrator For Your Aging Vagina ...

Its use to treat symptoms of menopause changed abruptly after a large clinical trial in the U.K. found that the treatment actually posed more health risks, like breast cancer, than benefits for one type of hormone therapy.

Sex toys: the health benefits of vibrators

They are far more likely to be found in your bedside drawer than your local surgery, but sex toys can bring more than just benefits in the bedroom; they could boost your health too.

Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys for Men and Women

Good for Gynecological Health Sex toys help to improve gynecological health by rejuvenating the vagina of a woman. Vibrators help to improve the tone and the elasticity of vagina walls and promotes vaginal lubrication.

22 Anal Masturbation Tips for Every Body: Techniques, Toys, More

Dildos Most dildos can be used for solo anal penetration. As long as it has a base to prevent your bum from sucking it up and you’re comfortable with its size, you’re good to go.

9 Household Items That Can Double as Sex Toys – SheKnows

And, for good measure, get in the habit of cleansing anything you use sexually post-game too (you should be cleaning sex toys and keep in mind that we have to say goodbye to every good vibe ...