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16 Best Natural Lubricants That Won’t Irritate Your Vagina ...

Dr. Braaten notes that 100% coconut oil without additives is a common form of lube that’s very well-tolerated. “It’s very rare for people to have any type of allergic reaction to it,” she ...

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The 10 Best Lubes in 2021, According to Experts | Health.com

The FDA defines hypoallergenic products as those claiming to produce fewer allergic reactions than others, and this Dr. Horowitz-approved lube from Good Clean Love fits the bill. It contains no ...

How to Choose the Best Lubricant for Vaginal Allergy & Infection

If you are prone to allergy or vaginal infection avoid water-based lubricants with known irritant additives and preservatives B. Silicone-Based Lubricant Ingredients Silicone-based lubricants are formulated from a small number of ingredients and don’t contain water.

Lubricant Allergy Symptoms - Allergy Symptoms

Using anti-histamine will reveal you from inflammation and may reduce the affect of allergic reaction. Apart from latex, people may be allergic to chemicals used in condoms to kill sperm cells. As mentioned these irritants may trigger mild skin rash to serious infections like yeast or urinary tract infection. Diagnosis of Lubricant Allergy

How To Tell If You're Allergic To Lube — And What To Do If ...

How Do I Know If I'm Allergic To Lube. BDG Media, Inc. Again, it's probable that a person who experiences burning, redness, itching, pain, or swelling on contact with a lubricant isn't allergic to ...

How to Diagnose a Lubricant Allergy | Healthfully

Leave the pieces next to your skin for 48 hours and keep the areas dry. If both arms develop symptoms, you most likely have a latex allergy. A reaction on the lubricated side indicates you have a lubricant allergy. Switch products. You can use a polyurethane condom instead of a latex condom. Polyurethane generally won't cause an allergic reaction.